International Women’s Day

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Food for Thought (from the Thought Catalog)

Janne Robinson wrote an article for the Thought Catalog that had all of us on a “life high” for days, and why shouldn’t we spread the love?

Read “Bullshit, You Aren’t Living.”

You don’t need to write some fucking self help book with the intention it’s going to save people, or become Tony Robbins or go build 12 schools in Colombia (or do) to save our planet—you want to save our planet? Live your god damn truth.

Jack(ie) of all trades, Janne Robinson

Cement Factory into Mansion

Ricardo Bofill’s household, outside of Barcelona, is a very old Cement Factory. La fabrica is a beautiful creation of Bofill’s own architecture; it reminds us of countless possibilities in the most unlikely places. Read the article here: “Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home…”



Beth Cavener, Spirit Animals





Beth Cavener‘s sculpture, “Forgiveness”

Artists often integrate their work into their life. This can range in extremity, as Maria Abromavic seeks to do in her meditations and performance art; her work requires incredible preparation and strength of will. Others seek to integrate their life lessons and spirituality into their work. Beth Cavener believes that within each of us, there resides animal instincts and primitive roots.

How do you integrate life and art? Show us by submitting to our Spring Edition of Fiant Verbas.

Sally Mann, American Photographer

From What Remains, Sally Mann

If you’re interested in American Photography, Sally Mann is one of the most notable (mainstream) american photographers of our time. You may be familiar with much of her work without even being aware. Her topics range from “mythical” aspects of every day life, to landscape, to small extraordinary shapes.

While much of her work appears to be heavily photo shopped, she is educated in methods of chemical alteration during the photograph development process, and often uses very old equipment to take her photos. To learn some more, visit Art 21‘s website for one of their first features:

Art 21’s feature on “place,” with Sally Mann


Calming & Empowering Mad Libs

I found myself creatively stunted last night when I came across an infuriating post on Fox News, so I created a mantra. Then, I decided that other people might want to do this…and they might want to be silly about it (laughter is good medicine after all)…so I turned my mantra into nonspecific Mad Libs. It’s to be used whenever you get overwhelmed, angry, or are faced with confrontation, and you can use it however you like.